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    December 30, 2011
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thank you for joining us this friday, i'm mike hydeck in for j.c. hayward today. some occupy protestors are putting their health on the line. they are hoping their sacrifice will bring about change in how d. c. operates. jonathan costen joins us live
from northwest with more on what's going on this noon. jonathan? >> reporter: that's right mike, they've been going strong since 11:00 this morning and today they are calling themselves the occupy the vote protestors and they are here to get their message out. they gathered here at the lutheran place memorial church near the headstone of rick snyder, a homeless advocate and hunger striker. they are beginning a new hunger strike phase. they want to have a voice in congress. they are asking for three key rights for d. c. residents. >> not just a delegate whose yes or no votes don't even count anymore and where the local laws and budget of the district are not under the review of congress. in recent years the -- not even just recently, through the history of the district, the district's own budget and laws have been hampered by congressional interference. >> reporter: the protestors will begin a 51 day strike of 24 hours and 51 the number 51,
that represents washington, d.c. being the 51st state hopefully that's what they want and that's what they're protesting. the they also invite -- they also invited the mayor but he was a no show. back to you mike. authorities say speed and booze were contributing factors in a deadly motorcycle crash this early morning in silver spring. 24-year-old kevin hinnant of laurel was i woulded. he crashed -- killed. he crashed and he was thrown if his motorcycle along the outer loop of the beltway around 1:00 this morning near silver spring. he didn't make it at the hospital and no one else was hurt in the crash. and this mangled mess used to be a high performance sports car. now the passenger and the driver of this dodge viper are pretty banged up and in the hospital and possibly could be facing charges. the car slammed into a utility pole in the westbound lanes of route 7 near charles street and leesburg, virginia. this is early this morning. so far investigators are not saying in this case if alcohol
or speed played a role in the crash. we can know later today what caused that horrible crash that killed two young women in silver spring. this was early yesterday morning. an suv hit a fence and then smashed into a brick retaining wall along university boulevard east. 22-year-old jenice richards and 19-year-old tamara johnson was killed. 18-year-old desaleen james is in the hospital. her sister says she knows what happened but having a tough time dealing with the loss of her friends. >> she keeps saying -- one minute she's like where's tamara? i want to see her. she's in lot of pine but should be okay. >> police don't know at this point if alcohol or speed were factors in this crash. a grand jury has now indicted curtis lopez for the murders of his estranged wife and his stepson. 11-year-old william. they were both killed back in october. montgomery county police say that lopez went to his estranged wife mcquain's
apartment in jermantown. where he beat and stabbed her. police found william's body days later in the woods in clarksburg. investigators believe lopez used a baseball bat to crush the boy's skull. the district of columbia has been ordered the pay just over $1 million in attorney's fees in connection to the city's former ban on handguns. back in 2003, dick heller sued the district saying that ban violated his second amendment rights. well the case ended up in the supreme court. and the justices sided with heller and overturned the ban in 2008. and now a judge has awarded his attorneys more than $1 million in fees and expenses. that amount was about $2 million less than they had requested. the murder rate in the district is at the lowest level since john f. kennedy was president. as of thursday, there are 108 homicides in the city this year. and that's the lowest rate since 1963. there were 132 murders in the city at this time last year. and compare that to 20 years
ago when 479 people were killed in the district. we turn our attention to campaign 202 now with just days to go until tuesday's iowa caucus, the republican presidential candidates are trying to make their case to the undecided voters there. danielle nottingham reports from des moines where it is a very tight race. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate mitt romney brought backup on stage in des moines today. new jersey governor chris christie who is popular among conservatives joined him. the crowd braved the weather to rare hop knee who took -- hear romney. >> he's in hawaii right now. we're out in the cold and the rain and the wind because we care about america. he's out there -- he just finished his 90th round of golf. >> reporter: the romney campaign had been trying to keep expectations low in iowa because of a tough loss here in 2008. now, he's picking up momentum
at a critical time. with just four days to go iowa voters are trying to make up their minds. >> i like a lot of the things that he has to say. and he has really good business sense. >> reporter: the latest polls show romney and ron paul in the lead in iowa. but other candidates are gainings momentum. big crowds came out thursday for former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. >> do not settle for someone who the media says that can win. >> reporter: with santorum surging, rivals have started to attack. rick perry released this radio ad. >> which republican running for president voted for the bridge to nowhere earmark? yes? susie from des moines? >> rick santorum? >> correct. >> reporter: perry will continue campaigning this weekend. there's a chance some of the candidates will drop out of the race if they don't finish strong in iowa. danielle nottingham, cbs news, west des moines, iowa.
>> now mitt romney heads for new hampshire later today and then return to iowa. gop hope. jon huntsman has been focusing on new hampshire where the first primary is there january 10th. work an a planned museum at the world trade center is ended all because of a money dispute. the foundation overseeing the memorial is fighting with the port authority in new york and new jersey over who's responsible for paying for millions of dollars in costs. new york mayor michael bloomberg says there's no chance the museum is going to open on time. it was scheduled to open next september 11th. still to come when the news continues the fight to put out a burning nuclear submarine is over. now though, the fears of contamination. i'm manuel gallegus in new york. it's one of the latest health trends. detoxing and losing weight by only drinking juices. but is it safe? we'll have that story coming up.
specialist police, just sending best wishing and happy christmas and kwanzaa and all that good stuff to my family out in maryland. my mom, my brother, my sister- in-law, all the other siblings, i love you guys and see you soon.
welcome back. here's a story about foreclosure and a mess that
will have you shaking your head. a florida couple tried to do the right thing as tea started to fall on -- they started the fall on hard times. they were trying to save their home but as elaine quijano explains the bank got in their way. >> reporter: if you're wondering why the real estate market has been slow to heal -- listen to what the rileys went through to try to keep their house in tampa. what is this process been like for you? >> stressful. chaotic. i mean it's a lot of those kinds of words come to mind. >> reporter: tim riley was laid off from his i. t. job in 2009. robin riley's salary was not enough to cover the $3,000 monthly payment. they asked they are lender bank of america to lower their interest rates. >> i really thought, interest rates have come down so much. people having so much difficulty. they should welcome someone that's willing to make the payments. >> reporter: he was told he couldn't get help unless he
fell behind on his payments. so in 2009, tim riley stopped paying his mortgage. what's followed has been a two year battle with bank bureaucracy that the rileys chronicled in the thick behinder. >> steve ated it off the nancy and then nancy passed it off. >> reporter: a year went by with no progress. the rileys moved out of the property. >> i contacted the bank. sent them a registered letter and told them where i was and gave them my phone number and e- mail address and told them i'd closed up the property. >> reporter: but they didn't hear a word. another year passed. the rileys moved back home. the bank wanted to tack on late fees and past penalties which could have increased their mortgage $60,000. >> we just had a stalemate. it was a no win. they couldn't win, i couldn't win. >> reporter: finally, after two years without a mortgage payment, bank of america gave the rileys permission to sell their house for less than what's owed to the bank. and another twist -- it's
offered the couple up to $20,000 to seal the deal. >> it's kind of beyond a crazy story. you know? it's -- it's absurd. >> reporter: last week, the rileys found a buyer for their house. they're moving into a mobile home. as for bank of america? it could suffer a $100,000 loss, much more than if it had worked out a new loan with the rileys in the first place. elaine quijano, cbs news, tampa, florida. >> according to cnn the average foreclosure from beginning to end now takes about 674 days to complete on average. four years ago, before the housing market collapsed, it took 253 days. okay, time for a break and olga is up next with your holiday forecast. one you'd like to hear. that's right. if you have some plans for new year's eve, and new year's day, it looks like the weather is going to cooperate with you but i'm tracking a cold blast that is definitely headed our way. i'll let you know how cold it's
going to get and how soon we could see that change when 9news now continues.
the major fire on board a dry docked russian nuclear submarine that burned for nearly a day was finally extinguished this morning. the fire broke out yesterday at a shipyard near major russian port city. mark phillips has more. >> reporter: officials have said the fire which began
yesterday around the dry dock russian submarine has been brought under control. but not before injuring nine people and stranding several others inside. earlier fears that there might have been nuclear material either fuel or warhead on board and at risk were dismissed by the russians. the sub was in dry dock for repairs with its reactors shut down its consignments of missiles removed. officials have said there's no indication of a radiation leak. the fire appeared to have begun on the scaffolding around the vessel and then spread to the skin which is there to make it quieter and more difficult to detect. any russian sub accident conjures up images of the explosion and fire in the year 2000 aboard the russian sub the kearsk in which 118 crew men died. relatives are still calling for an investigation into a disaster saying the official inquiry was a whitewash.
the sub was launched in 1984 and normally carries 16 nuclear tipped ballistic missiles, mark phillips, cbs news, london. caught on tape. a driver on a ram pain in a colorado -- rampage in a colorado subdivision. an suv plow into her dodge intrepid with enough force to shove it forward one and a half parking spaces. >> he was coming full speed ahead in the parking lane of the subdivision. and i watched him ram into the back of my car. and drive off. he did a u-turn in front of my neighbor's he came back, u- turned again and rammed my car intentionally. >> wow. but he was not done. the driver plowed into at least five other cars in the neighborhood. police arrested carlos ayula. officers say he was driving on several flat cars and a bare rim. police are trying to figure out the cause. in today's health alert after weeks of office parties and cookies and other holiday
goodies, it may be time to detoxify. juice is a major trend but as manuel gallegus reports don't go overboard probably like you're going to do at the eggnog. >> reporter: chad wanted to lose weight and feel better. so he gave up cooked food for ten days blending raw organic fruits and vegetables like kale, cucumber and pear for his meals. >> for me it just felt very intuitive. what's going to hurt? ten days of eating fruits and vegetables isn't any worse than ten days o of fat ice cream. >> reporter: he felt groggy and fired when he started fasting but he lost several pounds and on day seven he felt energized. >> today, i feel absolutely incredible. >> reporter: doctors like dr. younger recognize the nutritional benefits of a well planned juice fast or cleanse. they say a liquid only diet can give the digestive system a
much-needed rest and restore energy. >> modern life has people eating 24/7. and therefore, digesting 24/7. digestion is a process of the body that takes a lot of energy. >> reporter: but many doctors say just consuming juice isn't enough. because our bodies need to break down solid foods. cardiologists warn juicing can throw off the digestion and how we get our nutrients, lek tremendous lites and sugar. >> they are being absorbed in the wrong place. >> reporter: but chad says juicing gave him a fresh start. >> i feel so much better. >> reporter: he vows to make it a regular part of a balanced diet. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. >> the experts say you should talk to your doctor before you start any juice fast or any kind of cleanse because they should monitor something like that. well, please once more. we would love to say this. we cannot stress enough if you have to head out or you're
going to head out and celebrate new year's eve this weekend and you find you've had maybe one too many adult beverages, don't get behind the wheel. there's an easy solution, just call -- and you can get a ride home. the washington regional alcohol program sober ride service runs between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. every night through january 1st and it covers the cost of a cab ride of up to $30. again the number -- don't take the risk. all right, weather time now. we were talking earlier. ladies? we could do skirts and high heels for the big night right? >> we've got many of the new year's eve where it was cold and rainy and you're shivering, this year i think people are actually going to be enjoying going out late if the evening. because -- in the evening, because the temperatures will be reasonable for december standards. right now we are tracking some moisture off to the west that's showing up on the live doppler 9000 hd but not making too much progress. to the beltway region, more cloud cover though into the afternoon and evening hours. so today is officially partly
sunny and all your day planner should feature more clouds than sun by later on in the afternoon. as temperatures are already pushing toward those middle range 40s. we'll hit the lower to middle 50s by later on this afternoon. then after sunset, a tumble in temperatures once again. we'll be back down into the lower 50s and even those 40s as we head toward that 7:00 hour. it does look like we're going to keep most of our forecast dry. can't rule out a slight sprinkle later on tonight in some location. the satellite and radar, the big picture, if moisture is still off to the west and trying to move on through but in all not too much forward progress. definitely seeing increasing cloud cover. mostly cloudy by later on this afternoon and part of the overnight tonight with the shower possible we will see mild temperatures for both new year's eve and new year's day and yes, the cold is coming back with a vengeance. and that's going to slide on in here earlier next week and i'll detail that for you in the seven day forecast. for today, not bad. 46-degrees in arlington and 48
in college park. 49 down toward commands doctor. headed for' -- alexandria. headed for highs in the middle range 50s today with partly to mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon and not much of a windchill to worry about at all. futurecast keeps the clouds around for much of today. we will see the opportunity for a little partial clearing and then very overcast skies with the overnight but tomorrow looks fantastic as the temperatures move into the middle even pushing the upper 50s by the time we get towards the end of the week. here's how we look the next three days. headed for the middle 50s for saturday as well. up to 58 on sunday and the seven day forecast features the cold snap coming on through. that comes on tuesday night. 9news now will be right back in just a couple of minutes.
welcome back. we're in the kitchen, what better way to end the new year -- to end the old year and go into the new year than decadent chocolate? chef mario ramon is here and he's talking about something that's combining two of some
people's favorite dishes and that is what? >> hot chocolate. a hot chocolate cake for you today. >> wow. >> and we have a really fun package at the hotels that our winter bundle up package. we come in, we have a lot of fun stuff within walking distance that you can do like go to the botanic gardens. ice skating, but a nice cup of hot chocolate and also featuring this dish in the restaurant which is our hot chocolate cake. >> got it. >> you can make this very easily at home. i'm going to show you how to do it. it's a very simple cake. so i have here is three eggs, and two egg yolks. i'm going to whip that into some for the most part with half a cup of -- frost with half a cup of sugar. a pinch of salt and vanilla bean. you can use vanillaics tract as well. we're going to -- extract as well. we're going to take the melted chocolate here, that's 12 ounces of chocolate. >> we have about a minute left. >> we're going to put -- one
stick, four ounces out of better into that. >> and just a reminder as we start to close that the recipe will be on the website. we're getting close and about 30 seconds. it smells wonderful already. wow. >> okay, we're going to mix our egg yolks into the chocolate. >> if you just tell them what they can do with that and then show us one of the finished products. we're less than 30 seconds now. >> we're going to fill the cups with that. that goes into the oven and when you pull those cakes out of the oven, they're going to be nice and cracked and puffed on top like that. >> okay. >> and then to finish them -- we're going to put some homemade marshmallow on top there. pardon me. >> about 10 sedgeds. s detective seconds. >> here's the finished product. recipe is going to be on the website., happy new year everybody. stay safe, take care. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]